Token Stability Plan

Rug Pull Proof

For Private sale and public pre-sale tokens, we will only be releasing 30% at TGE followed by 10% monthly release for the next 7 months. These are to ensure that no investors will pull out immediately.
For team members it will get locked for 5 months + vesting period followed by 20% monthly.
Liquidity will be locked for 24 months

Incentivizing Stakers

Staking rewards and benefits encourage users to stake their KRC token. In exchange they will get KRC tokens as a reward % APR on their staking and an additional benefits for staking it depends on their tier.
There's different tier depends on how much the user is staking. Each tier will received a different benefits. We will be announcing more information about the benefits for each tier soon.
This can increase the value of a token by limiting the supply, it's also a huge advantage to prevent a huge inflation for the token.
Last modified 6mo ago