Tyranny Wars
A capture-and-hold PvP battle between all 3 schools. The school which holds the most control points when Tyranny ends will get rewarded.
Goal: Capture and hold as many Controller points (Power Plants) by the end of Tyranny.
• Tyranny lasts for 30 minutes.
• Attack the Controllers to capture them.
• Captured Controllers can be taken over by other schools if left unprotected.
• Tyranny will end in a draw if each school has one Controller each.
• Random buffs will also be applied to all students of a school, even those not participating in Tyranny.
• Members of the winning school can purchase Extracurricular Activity and Contribution items. Purchases are made with Contribution Points.
Explanation of the Contribution Points:
You can only collect a maximum of 50 points per round. - Winning team: 30 points + Extra Points (based on damage dealt/number of kills)
• Losing team: 10 points + Extra Points (based on damage dealt/number of kills)
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