Extra Stages
The campus instructors have been planning ways to train new students while fostering friendships with existing ones. They came up with a type of training where new and old students gather together at the Newbie Practicing Yard to relieve pressure from the surrounding areas. After thorough reviews, they agreed to hold these "Extra Stages" for the good of the students.
A few days before the Extra Stages was to be held, a citizen was kidnapped by unknown criminals.
A student named Ami, who was passing by, tried to help but was outnumbered and had to retreat. She put out a call for help and the schools answered by sending in their students to assist her.
This wasn't exactly what was planned for Extra Stages, but it's still a good training opportunity. Now, go help Ami rescue the citizen!
The start of Extra Stages will be announced in game.
Once the Extra Stage has begun, you can start hunting monsters to collect enhancing material and gold.
After clearing the stages, the "Citizen" NPC will appear. Once she leaves, Ami will appear soon to verify the completion of the quest and give you a Random reward box. Afterwards, all the NPCs and monsters will be moved back to the Practicing Yard and the Extra Stage will end.
• Do not move to other maps during the event as you will be unable to return to the Extra Stage.
• There is no EXP loss penalty for dying during the event, but you will be resurrected outside the Extra Stage map and will be unable to return back inside.
• The quest can only be completed when it has been carried out in order.
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